Bajau Laut Girls
Borneo Child Aid
  • Borneo Child Aid  is providing education for 2000 marginalised and stateless children in Sabah, Malaysia and in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines:
  • The society's aim is to provide education and care to children of the Bajau Laut (sea gypsies) and other marginalised children. These children do not have access to school, and often lack food security, and are vulnerable to glue sniffing and other abuse.     
  • The Society presently operates 20 Children's Centres on remote islands and in town areas on Borneo and in the province of Tawi-Tawi, Philippines. Presently about 2000 children are enrolled at the centres, and the need is much bigger. Our aim is to expand the centres to more communities and islands and to reach many more of the thousands of children without access to schools.


Donation for a Leaning Centre

For the cost of Euro 300 per month you can support a Learning Centre with about 50 children. Running a Learning Centre for a whole year of education costs only Euro 3600.

Sponsoring a child

For the cost of only  Euro 72 you can sponsor a child's education for a whole year.

Our Team

Rosalyn Dawila Venning

Project Director and Founder

Torben Venning

Project Coordinator and Co-founder

Our creative and dedicated teachers 

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